"Eyefortune" (TM) is a computerized system which provides users with an analysis of their physical and mental condition based on information contained in the Iris of their eyes in accordance with the teachings of the traditional Asian health science of Iridology.

The Eyefortune (TM) system safely creates a binary image of the user's eyes through advanced technology photographic imaging. The user then enters basic information on their gender, horoscopic birthday and blood-type. Based on this true biometric data, Eyefortune(TM) provides the user with a quick and reliable Iridology based forecast of their past and future.

Iridology is a traditional health system with an origin that has been traced back more than 3000 years. It was practised in all of the great civilizations of the ancient world including China, Egypt, India and Babylon. Modern science affirms the basic principle of Iridology: that the eye pattern of every individual is different and unique to themself, containing and condensing more information on the condition of the human body than any other organ.

In this way the Iris can be said to reflect each individuals unique fortune, fate and destiny. Moreover, our Iridology system recognizes the important Lacuna Nerve Wreath and white Senillis Ring structures of the eye, which are essential in obtaining a proper Iridology based prognosis and diagnosis of the users' condition.

Although many aspects of Iridology-based fortune telling are still a mystery to modern science, it is clearly an important part of our ancient Asian traditions of medicine and event forecasting. Other mysterious Asian traditions, which appear related to Iridology in their fundemental philosopies, include Acupuncture, the Chinese Horoscope, the Chinese system of Natural Medicines, the Japanese Shiatsu Pressure Point science and the Hexagrams of the I Ching used in forecasting events.

As a key step in modernizing Iridology technology for the modern computer age, we developed the Eyefortune EYESCAN SYSTEM (TM) which reduces the image of the Iris into a numerical value suitable for computer-based fortune-telling. Our system is dynamically flexible and various modifications are possible because it was developed to be compatible with a WindowsXP (TM) programming base.

Modern computer analysis of user Iris patterns by the Eyefortune (TM) system correlates each of the 13 basic Iris types to the form of a different planet of the solar system plus one additional form for the "Asteroid", which has multiple elements. Thus every Eyefortune user is given an archetype form including either the Sun itself, Mercury, Venus, the Moon, Mars, the interplanetary Asteroid, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Comet or Oort Cloud. For example, an Iris type characterized by a "ring" is correlated with the planet Saturn while an Iris type characterized by "cracks" (or canals) is characterized by the planet Mars. Additionally, reducing the user's Iris data to specific numbers allows Eyefortune(TM) to accurately apply Iridology principles to evaluating the user's level of congeniality, their health condition and stress levels.

To date, over 20,000 Japanese Eyefortune (TM) user's have enjoyed the benefits of this sophisticated fortune-telling machine. (For the details on the forms of the 13 special types of Iris please refer to the "Iris-type" page on this website.)

The Eyefortune (TM) system is composed of the following three major components: (*Note that each component can be customized to a user's individual needs). (1) The Camera system: This system automatically selects the most suitable image of the Iris for digital analysis and analytical fortune telling data extraction. (2) The Eyescan system: This system takes the data extracted by the camera and completes conversion of ring, lacuna, raddi solaris, radial furrows and nerve wreath into numerical values suitable for Iridological analysis. (3) The Eye Fortune(TM) fortune telling system: This component integrates the user's birth date, gender and bloodtype with their Iris derived data and obtains for them a full and timely fortune-telling forecast. This component then fits the result to the output size (B7 postcard size or A4 official document size) and performs the printing of the results obtained for the user.

With the option of including purpose-driven customized data, Eyefortune (TM) Marketing applications include the New Age health market as well as the fashion, cosmetics and pet-related consumer industries.

These attractive fortune-telling machines can serve as a powerful tool for attracting guests to special exhibitions or for adding interest to standard store-based sales activity. Direct advertizing space is provided in the printed output which is ideal for discount tickets, lotteries or two-dimensional sales bar codes, etc.

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